Finally got my calendars from the printers the other week (thanks Steves). Both of the chaps who work in the local print shop, the bloke who owned the other print shop here before it closed and the guy who printed my mugs were all called Steve. This reminds me of joining the photography club during fresher’s week many many years ago. My friend Nick and I attended the introductory meeting which took place in a room off the underground car park in the now long-gone Mandela building at Bangor. We were ushered into a dark room by the club president and treasurer who introduced each other in a manner preemptive of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.

“Hi I’m the photosoc president and my name’s Steve, and this is the club treasurer and his name’s (pause for effect) Steve”. Never being one to pass up an opportunity, quick as a flash I said “what a coincidence?! My name’s Steve and this is my friend (pointing to Nick, expectant pause) ... Steve”. Stony silence. “I just made that up” I added weakly. Stonier silence, I don’t remember going to any further photosoc meetings 🙁

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