Hello there,


Yes, this is me, with my boss, basically all that I do is to keep this lil man in nappies and rusks.


Let me tell you a little about DHazell Illustrations. My name is Damien Hazell so you can see what I did there with the name. I am a freelance illustrator and I’ve been doing this for years. Drawing is something that I have loved since I was knee-high to a crayon and creating and sharing my work brings me real joy. You know that old chestnut about finding a job you love and you never work another day, well that's what illustrating is for me!


Let me explain a little about how I do what I do. I have recently fallen in love with a very clever iPad-based app called Procreate which allows me to create beautiful illustrations in a way that combines the convenience and power of technology with the feel and pleasure of drawing by hand.


I still however when asked get out some watercolour pencils and paper and make art in the old fashioned way which I can then run through clever little piece of kit, which converts it into a printable shrinkable blow-upable form that makes it easy to print on your cards, posters, book-illustrations, training manuals or whatever takes your fancy.


Have a look at the work on the home page to see some of the kinds of things I do. If you’d like something different, please drop me a line and we’ll work something out.


Hope to hear from you soon,