Training Materials
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Book Illustrations

Do you need a new and novel way to get your point across? Do you want to render a process in a fun and easy- to -remember format? Get in touch and we agree the best solution together.


Writing a children's or text book and need visuals contact me for a consultation.

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Cartoon Home Portraits

A cartoon version of your home makes an ideal gift for Grans, Grandads, Uncles, Aunts .and friends. Use the image as a welcome addition to the downstairs loo or to make "we've moved" cards, Christmas cards, keyring the choice is endless. Just email me a photo of the home you want tooning with any details you'd like including and I'll do the rest.

NEW T-shirts


Personalised Greeting Cards; Wedding Invitations,Christmas cards, We're Moving cards, Business cards, Thank You cards, Tom's Stag Night has been cancelled due to Flooding cards! You've got an occasion and an idea, I can create a personalised card for you!



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